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I've always wanted to be a filmmaker, but I don't have any of those classic childhood stories where I went and borrowed my parents Super 8 camera and got my friends together so we could recreate our favorite movies.


What I do have is this photo of me from elementary school, looking uncomfortable; dressed as Steven Spielberg for what I imagine was some sort of "who's your hero" type of project we had to do. What's missing is the iconic Spielberg beard, which I did have (created by my Mom via an eyeliner pencil) but was promptly removed after my classmates made fun of me, which had led to a bit of crying on my part that convinced my teacher that it was best to just wash it off.

Despite that childhood set back, today I'm self taught writer and director working out of the New York City area and one of the founders of From The Garage Productions. I also have a real beard now, which is nice.


Message sent.

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